Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 10 - Progress Being Made

9 lbs lost - 310 lbs.

So far, so good!  The fact that I haven't quit yet tells me that I really want this.  Haven't written for awhile because of a big work project.  I am a textile artist and I am working on a commisioned quilt. The longer it takes to make, the longer til I get paid!

Here are some things I've been doing to keep my motivation up:
  • Started walking with Mitchell the Dog.  We go one driveway farther every day.  Today we are up to "two driveways past the corner."  I am so grateful to have had both knees replaced December 6 a year ago.  Now I can really power walk and it helps to stretch my back out from the quilt stitching.
  • Made homemade hummus in the blender from a recipe I found on Pinterest. It was a little bland because I used the bottom of the range of spices (as suggested) but a good place to start.  I love hummus and this recipe made twice as much out of one can of chickpeas as you get in a $4.00 container at the store.
  • Turned a corner on my nighttime eating habit.  Was watching Dr. Phil for entertainment while I worked on the quilt the other day and a woman was on who ate in her sleep.  After years of doctors and therapists suggesting that my nocturnal eating was a result of trauma early in my adult life, Dr. Phil suggested that the woman's subconscious was merely rebelling against food restrictions she placed on herself during the day.  Given the fact that I started restricting my food severely when I was in high school, and until I started this new life style ten days ago often did not eat at all until afternoon, I thought this could be true for me.  I had a talk with my "self" about how much I really do want to change my life, and have been having much less trouble ever since.
  • Added a resource page to this blog.  Look for the tab at the top of the page. Will contain a summary of resources I mention along the way.
So, how do I feel oat this point on the journey? I feel encouraged that I am losing.  I am not thrilled to not being eating pizza, but I want to shed this fat really badly.  I feel grateful to have the space in my life to do this. Onward & upward!

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