Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day Two - Baby Steps

Holding at 316. 3 lb loss.

I woke up this morning pretty discouraged because of my nighttime eating.  It seems that I hold on, hold on, eating fruits and veggies until about midnight when all self control goes out the window.  In fact, I wake myself up to eat.  Last night it was ice cream and cornbread.  So...

This morning the remaining ice cream is going in the trash.  I put the actuals of what I ate in my tracker and my mood improved.  Instead of pushing my daily total to the 3600 calorie range as I used to do, I ended up in the 2200 calorie range yesterday.  I did make the choice to use a small bowl for the ice cream.  I did make the choice to not slather the cornbread with butter.  I AM IMPROVING.  2200 is not weight loss range but it is not constant increase range either.  I would like to relax into this, but turning this ship around really is a battle.

Resource of the day:
Blog by a young woman who has been at this for awhile and has lots of links to good stuff -

Have a great Thursday!

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