Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joan the Dietitian

Today I went to see Joan the Dietitian at the Emily Program.  I love Joan.  Whatever my goals are, she enthusiasticly jumps on board, sprinkling in some realism and room for ease along the way.  She was happy to hear that I have a food tracker, they are big on that at the Emily Program. She was concerned that I have a place to journal my food feelings so I told her about this blog.  I am supposed to print out my posts and bring to our next appointment.  I left with a bunch of reference material to read.  In typical Paula fashion, I found a three-ring BINDER this afternoon which will soon be made into my NEW ME binder where I can keep Joan's stuff, recipes, articles, etc.

How do I feel about food right now?  I have trouble getting in all the servings of fruit and vegetables I am supposed to eat in a day which is only two fruit and two veggie right now.  I am trying to ramp up to start day by practicing getting all the food IN before I worry about what needs to come OFF my food list. I feel ANXIOUS. 

Last night was a disaster for night eating.  BIG bowl of ice cream and three flour tortilla shells loaded with butter.  That nighttime compulsive eating is what I am putting to the Lord starting now.

My other progress step is that I have kinda sorta figured out how to search out other blogs of interest and subscribe to them on my "dashboard." There are lots of other folks with weight loss blogs who might have clues I can use.

If I sound fanatical about this, I am.  I am going to war and I am preparing myself. 

Put on the full armor of the Lord...

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